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How I procrastinate: a list

September 26, 2009

1. I visit in search of ray gun lamps (to decorate my office)

2. I realize I need an office to decorate, if I’m going to buy a ray gun lamp

3. I plan out how my office will look

5. I realize I will need to buy more bookshelves

4. I create an elaborate schedule for when I will write in my new office. The office with the ray gun lamp and the new bookshelves

5. I realize I can’t buy new bookshelves or a ray gun lamp unless I sell a book

6. I realize I can’t sell a book until I finish writing one

7. I google my symptoms of anxiety

8. I eat a brownie

9. I organize my inbox

10. I go upstairs to look at what will be my office

11. The sight of the mess depresses me, so I go back downstairs and google symptoms of depression

12. I open Word on my computer because my Internet connection is down

13. I write a chapter

14. I celebrate by finding unprotected wifi and visiting


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  1. Parker Peevyhouse permalink
    October 2, 2009 10:31 am

    This is too funny. And eerily familiar–just substitute Steampunk watches for ray gun lamps.

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