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The Texas Book Festival schedule is up!

October 2, 2009

Every year, I await the Texas Book Festival like kids await Christmas morning. I count down the days until the schedule is released, and then I print out a zillion copies and highlight all of the panels and events I want to visit. I outline a variety of alternative plans for the Saturday and Sunday of the festival (using a variety of highlighters). “If I go to this, then I have to miss this. But if I go to this, I can go to this.” Then, once I get there, I ignore all of my planning and end up accidentally going to panels I’d never planned on. And they are awesome.

I make careful preparations for when I will be able to eat the obligatory corn dog, and where I should park. I struggle with whether the kids will have fun or if I need to bribe someone to keep them entertained. (Luckily, two of my three kiddos are now old enough to be able to get a real kick out of the festival.)

The Texas Book festival is a weekend of abiding dorkiness for me, and I love it.

This year will be even MORE exciting because I’m on a panel. Yay! It’s called “Everybody Needs a Hero” and here is the info straight from the Book Fest schedule:

Everybody Needs a Hero, with K.A. Holt, Aaron Starmer, and Rene Saldana Jr.

Date: Saturday, October 31, 2009
Time: 1:30 – 2:30
Location: Capitol Extension Room E1.012 (Children’s Events)

We all have our own heroes, but in kid’s books, children characters often have to become their own heroes to confront the challenges they face. Boys, in particular, have to muster the mental strength to become the person they know they need to be – it’s often very difficult to become that person, however. These three writers will talk about the complex characters (and heroes) they’ve created with moderator Joanna Nigrelli, who is the youth librarian at the Terrazas Branch of the Austin Public Library.

You can see the whole schedule here.

I am just so super excited about the Festival this year. Not just because I get to take part in it as an author, but because it’s such a fun weekend of books and writing and signings and events. And It’s on Halloween.

Maybe dressing up as Mrs. Whatsit will be too dorky. But it sure is tempting.

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