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Music to write by

October 13, 2009

I love this idea so much! Largeheartedboy (a kick ass music blog) has a feature called Book Notes. In Book Notes, authors describe the music that they associate with their books or otherwise connect with their writing in some way. My favorites are when the authors list a playlist they created while they were writing. I love to see the music that helped spawn the books.

This is especially near and dear to me because when I write I usually have a very distinct soundtrack helping me out. I don’t plan the soundtrack, it just happens along the way. I have worn out REM’s Monster, Marilyn Manson’s Lest We Forget, and the Ting Ting’s We Started Nothing on a variety of projects. Usually, I find an album, put that sucker on repeat and just have at it until I can’t stand what I’m writing anymore, and I can’t stand the music anymore. I just go and go and go, getting into a writing groove that’s propelled by the music, even when I’m flying through words so fast I don’t even hear the music anymore.

I’m 19,000 words into my next book and nothing is striking my fancy, which is driving me bonkers. I need Arcade Fire with a little more pep. The Raconteurs with less of a “greatest hits of the good old days” vibe. I am not afraid of obnoxious metal, just as long as it has something more than screaming to it.

Any ideas?

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  1. cpo permalink
    October 19, 2009 11:22 pm

    I recommend Grizzly Bear, Animal Collective, Mission of Burma. All have good 2009 releases.

    This is what I’ve been listening to as I write a chapter:

    Boilermaker The Jesus Lizard
    Satanic Messiah The Mountain Goats
    While You Wait for the Others Grizzly Bear
    A Change Is Gonna Come Sam Cooke
    Two Weeks Grizzly Bear
    Cavern Liquid Liquid
    Material Girl Madonna
    Satellite Skin Modest Mouse
    Brick City Mashin’ Redman
    PeaceboneAnimal Collective
    Try A Little Tenderness Otis Redding
    O Superman Laurie Anderson
    Disco Stomp Hamilton Bohannon
    All We Ask Grizzly Bear
    Gladiator The Jesus Lizard
    Academy Fight Song Mission of Burma
    My Girls Animal Collective
    Ship Thalia Zedek

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