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Forgoing NaNoWriMo. Starting ShoStoBloMo.

November 1, 2009

First of all, how fun is it to say “ShoStoBloMo”?Fun.Second of all, I have figured something out. Do not act so shocked. The thing is, I’m not a word count kind of writer. I think this is because I tend to write a lot no matter what. I can get the words out easily, it’s working out the tricky plot details that often stump me. This is probably why I had professors in college tell me to pursue writing for television. I am at my best when I’m cranking out lots of funny dialogue.Yet, I enjoy writing books. I love the struggle to really hone the beginning, middle and end of a character’s journey. I love coming up with complicated stories involving conspiracies and bad guys and secrets and fart jokes. I always have a hard time getting past page 50, though. I build and build and then just stop. No middle, no end, just a crazy beginning and lot of angst on my part getting anywhere else.Now, writing a short story a day on this blog for the whole month of November might not seem like the best way to learn how to hone my novel writing skills, but I think it will help me practice the whole “getting past the beginning and resolving the issues you’ve created for character” problem that I have. Maybe it won’t. Maybe it will just be a bunch of esoteric, absurd stories that don’t go anywhere or do anything. I don’t know what will happen. But the idea of taking a month to create stories, instead of taking a month to just hammer out word count is tantalizing. I’m going to try it.This doesn’t mean there won’t be any other blog posts. And it doesn’t mean the stories will be any good. Mostly, it just means I will neglect my children for a part of the day. But they’re used to that by now. (Kidding. Sort of.)So here we go… I’m getting a late start. See you in just short of two and half hours. The inaugural ShoStoBloMo is on its way…


*** a note on the ShoStoBloMo stories: I’m going to write them exptemporaneous-style. No major revisions, no outlining. I’m just going to sit and write and see what comes out. This is my “they could really be terrible” caveat. ***

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