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the boy with the glass eye

March 31, 2010

Tonight, my 7yo was telling me this idea he has for a story.

SETTING: Elementary school


MC: The Boy With The Glass Eye

It is test day. The Boy With The Glass Eye hunkers down in his desk but realizes he doesn't know the answers. He buckles under the pressure and looks at the "brainy kid's" test paper. The teacher comes by and says, "Hey! Boy With The Glass Eye, are you looking at your neighbor's test?" And the Boy With the Glass Eye responds pitifully, "No, Ma'am. That's my glass eye – it just points in that direction, I can't help it." She pats him on the shoulder and walks away, because, you see, the Boy With Glass Eye has convinced everyone that his real eye is his glass eye – thus giving him carte blanche when it comes to stealing brainy kids' test answers.


I am going to choose to think of this story as clever and hilarious, instead of a fable of conniving cheater-wins-all.

Clever boy. He makes me shake my head. But 9 times out of 10, I smile while I'm doing it.

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