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The writer who hasn’t been writing

May 10, 2010

About two weeks ago I went to a coffee shop with the intention to write a chapter or two. Two chapters would be a huge win.


I wrote something like 3600 words. Very exciting!

The thing was, though, I couldn’t stop. I knew I was almost at the end of my manuscript. I kept telling myself that I was almost done. One more chapter, one more paragraph, one more sentence, and I would be finished with my draft. It took another 7000 words, but I was right. I finished my draft – that same night. I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a 10,000 word day before. It was exhilarating and excruciating. My elbows were tingly when I went to bed. The next day I could barely write complete sentences in my goofy emails. My brain had been fried.

Then, a few days later, I went through the draft, made some changes and then sent the whole thing off to my agent to see what he thinks about it. Since then, I’ve written nothing. I’ve tried to come up with some ideas for short stories, maybe a sonnet about breakfast tacos, but when I sit down to write, nothing comes to me. I think I broke my brain.

Hopefully, there’s no permanent damage. There are other ideas floating around that would make exciting books. But right now all I can seem to do is stare at my inbox and wait for a response. I know there will be revisions to come, and that could be why I’m not able to start a new project. It still feels weird to not be writing, though.

Can you imagine if a writer could manage 10,000 words a day everyday? You could write, like, 50 books a year. Though you’d probably starve to death and your kids would end up being raised by wolves. So sticking to the original plan of writing a few thousand words a day is probably best. Or, you know, 0 words a day. That seems to be working, too.

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