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I’ve been ruminating and procrastinating and pouting, what have you been doing?

May 22, 2010

I haven't been writing a lot in the past few weeks. Well, honestly, I haven't been writing at all. I haven't been reading. I haven't been tweeting. I've barely been on Facebook. Mostly, I've been trying to catch up on Lost and I've been taking care of a revolving door of sick kids.

For a long time, I was very GO GO GO with my manuscript. Get it finished, get it relatively polished, get it to my agent, etc. But now that he's read it, offered some insights and requested some revisions, I just can't seem to get back to it. I halfheartedly tried to pitch something new, but that was rejected immediately with a cringe and finger shake. Sigh. Not that I want to abandon my manuscript, I just feel a bit like I'm floundering.

Part of it has to do with personal things – my youngest son was so sick that a very important surgery had to be canceled. We've been waiting a year for this surgery, so having to cancel it was really a punch to the gut. Because of this, I think I've spent the past few weeks creating my own little depression PSA.

"Are you tired all the time?"
"Do things that normally interest you seem uninteresting and tedious?"
"Do you yell at people with a white hot intensity of 1,000 suns?"
"Are you listening to too much Marilyn Manson?"

I'm trying to shake it off and get back to my book. Plus, BRAINS FOR LUNCH releases on August 17th and I need to come up with some fabulous marketing ideas. But it's hard. Taking time to wallow feels right, but how much wallowing time does one really need?

Back to Lost, I guess. And maybe I can try to write a short story sometime soon. Or a sonnet. Ye olde braine needs some exercise. It's getting kind of sad and flabby. No one wants a flabby brain. Except maybe a zombie. But even then I imagine the zombie would prefer a perkier brain that makes a nice healthy "whump" when you thump it.

Don't worry, zombies, I'm working on it. I'll have a thump-worthy brain again soon. Hopefully.

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