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A rundown of the awesome things that will be happening Sunday (including, but not limited to: giant floating ice brains, me: zombified)

September 9, 2010

1. Fingers you can eat

2. BRAINS you can eat

3. Bone dust you can sprinkle on the fingers and brains you can eat

4. Me, as a zombie, reading haiku about what? Zombies!

5. A zombie haiku contest AND face painting so that:

6. You, as a zombie, can read haiku about zombies, too

7. Thriller dancing! Oh yes. Like this, but better:

8. Questions. And answers. About writing books and the rules of haiku. And what it's like to break those rules. And other things.

9. Giant floating ice brains

10. Signed copies of BRAINS FOR LUNCH (smeared with zombie goo, optional)

Sounds fun, yes? So come by! Bring your kids! Bring your neighbors! Just aim the killshots carefully. We are just PRETENDING to be zombies. This time.

WHERE: BookPeople, ATX
WHEN: Sunday, 9/12 2 pm
THREAT LEVEL: Possible heart attacks from sheer awesomeness

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