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March 7, 2011

fake deadline was met
no time for couch sitting, though
need a time turner

Sorry I’ve been sort of MIA from Bloglandia for a while. I’ve been using all my extra minutes and seconds to try to finish yet another draft of a book I’ve been writing since I was in the hospital, pregnant with Ike-a-saurus. Yes, this one’s been in process for a LONG time.

Last night I finally sent the third draft off to my agent – hopefully the draft we can send out to the Big Wigs to see if anyone wants to make it into a real, actual book.


This means my minutes and seconds are a little free-er now. For blogging, for watching Blues Clues, for changing sheets. But it also means my minutes and seconds are free-er to… write another book. Write some haiku. Submit some stories somewhere. Start a fake Twitter.

Probably, the sheets should take precedence, but how boring is that?

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